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It's that simple

When your email address is too precious. Inboxes aren't.

Catch-all inboxes.

Get all the spam, junk, advertising material delivered directly to your inboxes email address. Keep your private email for what's important, and use inboxes for anything else.

Free-for-all inboxes

Secure, anonymous and completely free temporary email. As soon as you reach we've got your new temporary email fired up and ready to go.

Forget-it-all inboxes

Inboxes are temporary, which means they're not tied to you and you're not tied to them. Pick up your free email address here, and forget about it when you're done.

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

What is Disposable Temporary Email?
Your temporary email address is above, they're great when registering with web sites you don't quite trust yet – and might never in the future. It's how you'll keep your real email address safe and private and still receive emails from them.
When should I use a Disposable Temporary Email?
It's best not to use Inboxes for important information or emails that you'll need to keep safe. Specifically services like banking, buying cryptocurrencies, or registering for services you use daily.
Are disposable temporary emails anonymous? make every effort to protect your anonymity, and as you'd expect no personal details are logged or collected by our service. Please read our terms and conditions carefully before starting.
How long will my disposable temporary email last?
Inboxes are not deleted and can be used for as long as we keep the domain is active. Please bear in mind that domains are recycled from time to time, and a notice period of one month will be given before we retire domains. Individual messages are deleted after 7 days.
Who is behind this magical Disposable Temporary Email?
That'd be us – hey! We are the original creators of AirMail, which has processed over 2 billion email messages. Rest assured, we know about emails and give anyone here complete privacy and anonymity whilst using our Disposable Temporary Email service.
I'm a criminal, will Disposable Temporary Email help me?
Firstly, thank you for being honest. Secondly, no. Please do not use or abuse this service for illegal activities. This service is for personal use only, please use it with respect and a conscience.

People say we live in an age of information overload. I don't know about that, but I just know that I get too many marketing emails

- James Veitch