We have an API to support use cases of high volume & automated testing of email addresses.

Used by hundreds of companies and individuals, The API is developer friendly and can be easily accessed on Rapid API web site. You can try the API for free for up to 200 requests per month and with a subscription go up to 100’s of thousands of requests per month. Please feel free to ask us if you have a need for higher limits or different use cases.

How it works:

Activate any email address on one of our domains, wait for messages to be received and check inbox messages by calling the “Get messages for inbox” endpoint, and read individual messages or download attachments by calling “Get Message contents” endpoint.

For full documentation see Rapid API Inboxes documentation.

  • Activate any email address on one of our domain names.
  • Verify your email address on platforms requiring verification by receiving a code.
  • Websites send emails to designated addresses you activated.
  • We receive and process these messages via our fast and highly performant SMTP server.
  • We store the message & attachments in our database
  • Utilize the API to request a list of emails in this inbox address.
  • Get a specific message ID to obtain the message in JSON format, encompassing details such as body, subject, date, attachments, and more.

When you are ready you can get a trail key at Rapid API