Why we are consolidating all mini sites?

Temp email is a tough business. We aim to give users the ability to get stuff without paying for it with their privacy, obviously for some shops and marketing types this is annoying. It’s a bit like a cat & mouse game.

This is why temp email domains are being blacklisted with many online services. This is the original thought behind opening so many mini sites with new domains. Problem is it’s expansive to keep all those servers and sites and take care of them.

Starting on 1-Sep-2018 (in 30 days time) all mini sites will be consolidated and shut down. If you have active mail boxes in






please move them to our new

temp mail site

“Inboxes” which will have lots of new domains and has been written from scratch to work smoothly on both mobiles and desktops.

These changes do not have any effect on


which will stay together with inboxes. We aim to have two sites at the end of this process. Robot mail will stay unchanged for now as it has lots of users.

Sorry for the inconvenience.